Utah Hotel & Lodging Association

2013 Legislative Session

The 2013 Utah Legislative Session has come to a close. During
the past several months, we were engaged in representing
common political interests of our members in the hospitality
 industry. Please use this page as a resource for viewing
UH&LA's 2013 Legislative Priorities, read weekly briefs, contact
your local Senators/Representatives, get information about
upcoming legislative events, etc. Please let us know if there is
a specific issue/bill you would be interested in knowing more
about, email jordangarn@gmail.com.

Legislative Updates

Tax Exemption for Hotels Passes!

Senate Bill 84, a bill that exempts hotels from sales tax on consumables (soaps, shampoos, etc.), passed both the Senate and the House and awaits the signature of the Governor.  The legislative fiscal analyst anticipates this bill will save hotels approximately $2.5 million annually.  This is a huge win for Utah's hotels and the Utah Hotel & Lodging Association is proud to have championed this effort. March 19, 2013
  • The Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee unanimously passed SB 84, which exempts hotels from sales tax on consumables purchased that are included in the purchase price of the room. February 26, 2013
  • For a list of approved consumable items click here

Funding for convention center hotel dies in the House


2013 Legislative Priorities

For a complete list of our 2013 Legislative Priorities click here.

Tax on Room Amenities
Hotel Liquor License
Tax Policy for Online Travel Companies
Fund Utah Tourism
Fight Gov. Funding Convention Center Hotel

Contact your local Senators and/or Representatives

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